Our Story

You might be asking yourself, how did Sweet Melissa's Sauces & Seasonings come about? Well, it didn't just start overnight. Sweet Melissa's came about through Randy's passion for grilling. Growing up, Randy learned the skill of grilling from his dad. After mastering the grill, Randy went on to try and compliment what he cooked on the coals with the perfect sauces and seasonings. We're not going to lie, it took a good many hit and misses. Finally after much experimenting, Randy perfected his very own Barbeque Rub and his better than just any old ordinary barbecue sauce - the Ruby Red Sauce. 

Rave reviews were heard from all - except from Randy's sweet baby girl, Melissa. She liked it, but the Ruby Red Sauce was just a little too spicy for her. Wanting to do everything in his power to make his darling daughter happy, he created a sauce just for her. (Or, the precious darling might have pitched a fit until he created something to make her shut her trap. You can pick the story. She prefers the first.) What resulted was a sweet and spicy Jalapeņo Dippin' Sauce. He dubbed it "Sweet Melissa's" to make her even happier. 

Over time, family and friends encouraged us to bottle our products and offer it to people like you. Finding a name for our products was easy, and Sweet Melissa's Sauces & Seasonings was born! Today we're following our dream and bottling our sauces. We hope you love our sauces as much as we love making them for you.

Your friends,

Randy and Beth