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Sweet Melissa's Sauces & Seasonings combine to bring out a passionate flavor to your backyard cookout at home or tailgate party at the big game. Your culinary masterpiece will bring praise from family and friends.
Jalapeņo Dippin' Sauce
If you have ever tasted the Jalapeņo Dippin' Sauce you understand why it is "Sweet Melissa's" favorite. Like our other seasoning and sauces, it blends quality, all natural ingredients to compliment and intensify the flavor of any meat, cheese, fruit or vegetable creation. You will have fun crafting your own recipes and discovering unlimited possibilities for a symphony of new tastes to enjoy yourself and share with friends. Makes a great gift that is always appreciated.

Ruby Red Sauce
The Ruby Red Sauce blends the freshest and finest ingredients together to make a spectacular spicy sauce. It's delicious with any of your favorite grilled meats. The Ruby Red Sauce also tastes great mixed in ground meats for burgers or meat loafs for a little extra flavor. Also excellent on portabella mushrooms.

Barbeque Rub
The Barbeque Rub blends just the right amount of spices to bring out the flavor of your meat. Use this rub on chicken or pork for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours before grilling. For the best taste, especially for ribs, rub on and marinate overnight. This also works as a seasoning for burgers, meat loafs and even tacos.